[Lilug] Meeting tomorrow, July picnic

odinson odinson at warcloud.net
Mon Jun 13 07:56:15 PDT 2016

Hi All

 	A couple of announcements.

 	Tomorrow is the monthly LILUG meeting.  We meet at 8pm at CSHL 
Woodbury campus.  Please be there by 8:30 as the gates may close for a 
time.  Lee Wilbur will be talking about Untangle.  Thanks Lee.

 	The LILUG picnic will be July 16th  at 12 noon at Bethpage 
park.  LILUG will supply the basics, charcoal, burgers, soda, and members 
should bring the foods they want to eat and share.  Also please bring your 
latest tech toys.  Something new every year.

 	All are welcome!  The picnic is a great opportunity to introduce 
friends and family to LILUG and Linux.  There is a playground and will 
doubtlessly be cards against humanity so there is fun for all ages.

 	Please keep in mind that there is a parking charge so you may want to 
carpool to cut down your costs.  Also please check the LILUG mailing list 
before you depart, as it will be canceled if heavy rain is expected.

See you tomorrow.


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