[Lilug] Python Talk: Tuesday? Prep?

Jorg Kewisch jorg at bnl.gov
Sat Jun 10 08:05:19 PDT 2017

Ha!!! Thunderbird has changed. it used to be that clicking "reply" would
send the mail to the list, now it sends it to the sender only and there
is a new "reply list" button. Yesterday I send this:

On 05/16/2017 03:30 PM, odinson wrote:
> Hello
>     Great news!   Jorg Kewisch has agreed to do the learning Python talk
> on 6/13.   This has a very wide cross operating system appeal.  It's
>  the perfect meeting to promote.  Make up a flyer, put it where folks
> will see it.
>     Tell one tell all!
> Thanks so much.
> Matt

In preparing the talk I realized how much python is doing for you, so
there are a lot of details to learn and my talk is on the lengthy side.
I could easily make it twice as long. Who wrote: "I am sorry to write
such a long letter, I did not have the time to write a shorter one"
Let's see how it goes, I will be learning too (teaching).

So bring your laptops, have python3 installed, and the python-tk
package. type

>>> import Tkinter

to test it. Other great packages (I will not talk about) are numpy,
scipy and sympy.


And it went just to Matt instead of the list.

Yes, we are using python3. For the beginner there is only one difference
between python2 and python3:  print has become a function instead of a
statement and you have to add parenthesis.

On 06/09/2017 10:30 PM, Robert Wilkens wrote:
> Is the Python talk still on for Tuesday?
> Is it recommended we come with a particular version of python
> installed?  I remember starting to learn python, at the time python 3
> was current, but the tutorial was encouraging us to program in python
> 2.7 or something like that.  I never got very far with the whole thing
> because i was confused with why not use the latest and greatest.
> -Rob
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