[Lilug] Tuesday 11/14. Nominations, Tom's talk

odinson odinson at warcloud.net
Fri Nov 10 08:51:34 PST 2017


 	I have updates, great news, great news, and sad news.

This month LILUG is giving away another solid state hard drive!  Be there 
to enter the raffle.
Also don't forget the three new member tech giveaway.  Be the first 
to bring three new people to one LILUG meeting and get a growing pile 
of tech swag.  Still not claimed.

Great News:
we have a (soon) nominee for treasurer.  Jim Casale!  Thank you. 
We have a speaker this month.  Tom Rothamel will be talking about home 
automation in Linux.

Sad News:
Matt Surico will be stepping down as secretary.  Too many scheduling 
conflicts.  Matt has been tireless and critical not only to LILUG's 
bigger direction, but to it's monthly care and feeding.  Please consider 
running for secretary on Tuesday.  It's an understated but important 

Next LILUG meeting should be a big one.  We meet next Tuesday at 8pm at 
the digital ballpark.


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