[Lilug] Real open source advocates want web 2.5

odinson odinson at warcloud.net
Fri Aug 17 23:17:00 PDT 2018

Hi All

 	I hope it was a good meeting this month.  Sorry I couldn't be 
there.  I'm on walkabout.  I have a thought I want to share.

I've been and open source advocate since the 90s.  I have a complaint with 
open source 'advocates'

Today, they are companies, who's primary strength is organization, not 
disruption.  Big organizations are good at solving problems, but not 
re-framing them.

That's what open source did.  Reframed communication.

This has happened before.

Web 1.0 was a a conglomerations of standards.  Standards painstakingly 
created to solve existing problems, not to reframe things.

Then opensource drove web 1.5 which reframed the problem.  Metadata 
management tools like non-standard NAT and load balancing created ways to 
scale web 1.0's strength.  Data transfer couldn't scale without metadata 

The walled garden of web 2.0 uses open source software to cultivate 
metadata.  It solves a known problem for companies, and it solves it only 
for those companies.  Gardens are not shared, even with the users that 
grow them.

Real open source advocates, not just the hourly wage slaves, can see 
clearly what to do here.  Build user tools to not only cultivate their own 
metadata at the client, but to share it with others.  High confidence 
metadata networks without walls.  Scale the gardens.

OS advocates with the stones and talent can do this.  Only horizontal 
thinkers can build web 2.5.  Without it open source is not worth 
advocating.  Time to reframe things and then they will naturally scale.

I'm incommunicado for sometime and don't intend to respond, but I'll read 
your responses as I can.

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