[Lilug] Next LILUG meeting tomorrow 7/10.

Bill Catlan wcatlan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 20:47:04 PDT 2018

Hey Everyone,

Thanks again for the great discussion around AWS Lambda earlier.

I have to make one significant correction, however. It turns out you cannot
use a custom AMI with AWS Lambda. I apologize for the incorrect information.

I knew the notion of a custom AMI was contrary to what AWS Lambda is, but I
thought it was nonetheless an option. AWS has several deployment mechanisms
and I mixed up the capabilities of other support mechanisms with those of

There is some control over the execution environment, and you can bundle up
libraries for your language runtime - I believe including binaries that are
compatible with the AWS AMI where needed by the library - but providing
your own AMI is not possible.

As per AWS FAQs (https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/faqs/):

*Q: Can I change the version of Amazon Linux or any language runtime? *

No. AWS Lambda offers a single version of the operating system and language
runtime to all users of the service.

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