[Lilug] Monthly LILUG meeting tomorrow 9/10/19

odinson at warcloud.net odinson at warcloud.net
Mon Dec 9 22:57:52 PST 2019

Hello All

 	Tomorrow is the monthly LILUG meeting.  We meet at the Digital 
Ballpark in Plainview, NY at 8pm.  Topic is tech news, but as always 
lightning talks are welcome.

 	See you tomorrow.  Linux awaits.

Matthew Newhall, M.A.Newhall at warcloud.net
A.S. in Computer Science, SUNY Farmingdale
My weekly podcast, The Technocrat Live.  http://www.thetechnocratlive.com
President and founder of LILUG;  president at lilug.org, http://www.lilug.org
My theory; Psychopaths precede the conscience, http://civgene.matthewnewhall.com
Scifi book; "Thicker Than Blood"  http://www.thickerthanbloodthebook.com
My maker blog; "The modness", http://themodness.wordpress.com
Americans complain about corruption in government, corporations, unions, and
many other organizations.  It's the growing percentage of psychopath
population and a lack of awareness in society of what they are.  They are
attracted to both power and social control.  Both of which help them to hide
  their condition.  All large organizations in the USA are rife with them now.

People need to come to grips with the idea that a small group of people
simply have NO compassion in them and will use every advantage they get no
matter how abhorrent and unethical.  They are very limited, we worship them,
and give them infinite 'chances'.  It's suicidal.  Ironically, even for them.

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