[Lilug] Questions for a tech lawyer

odinson at warcloud.net odinson at warcloud.net
Mon Dec 16 19:55:39 PST 2019


   I've scheduled Alex D'Amico to be on The Technocrat Live this Thursday 
at 8pm.  Alex has spoken at LILUG and BSides before and works as a tech 

 	If anyone has any questions for him and if time allows I'll pass 
them on to him.  Please get the questions to me by 10pm tomorrow.  Email 
me at ttl at thetechnocratlive.com or reply to me here.

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I contend that the supreme court set up the ongoing class warfare when they
ruled money was speech.  Now the 1% has 99% of the 'voice.'  To shut up this
'speech' Americans will vote themselves the treasury in order to destroy the
currency and remove this 'right'.  This will continue until hyperinflation
takes hold.  Like most war everybody loses.

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