[Lilug] dd restore process

Bill Catlan wcatlan at gmail.com
Sun May 5 17:21:17 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of using dd to archive off some physical hard drives - ext,
ext2, ext3 and fat32, and ntfs and restore them as time allows as virtual
machines, probably on AWS. I have found various things online about how to
do this, but have not tried them just yet.

However, I also have a nagging recollection of using dd as being fraught
with potential stumbling blocks for performing the restore.  I seem to
recall that 1) you needed to take note of the source disk geometry in order
to recover the image and 2) you needed to take note of certain boot sector
specifics - perhaps start location? - to restore boot-able volumes.

Do either of those things resonate with anyone regarding restoring a dd
image either today or at any time in the past to physical hard drives?  On
the one hand I think to myself, wow, that would be really bad design, but
on the other, I seem to recall it being that way. If you see any obvious
points of confusion on my part, then I would welcome thoughts on that as


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