[Lilug] LILUG Picnic canceled. PSEG taken over park becuase of storm. LILUG Picnic canceled 8/8/2020. Rain date also canceled.

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Sat Aug 8 09:16:26 PDT 2020

LILUG Picnic canceled.   PSEG taken over park becuase of storm.  LILUG
Picnic canceled 8/8/2020.  Rain date 8/9/20 also canceled.

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> Hello All
>         The LILUG picnic is this Saturday August 8th, with a rain day of
> the 9th.  Rain day will be announced on the mailing list, morning of the
> 8th.   Picnic starts at 12 noon at Bethpage Park.  As usual LILUG will
> provide the basics.  All are welcome but please check the guidelines
> below in order to plan your trip.
>         LILUG will bring burgers, buns, cheese, condiments in bottles,
> cans of soda, plates, charcoal, and a spatula for the grill.
>         Please bring your own chair, blanket or seat so people can eat
> away from each other.  Do not bring any home made food that won't be
> cooked.  Do wear a mask except when eating.
>         Looking forward to seeing you all again.
> See you Sat!
> Matt
> IMPORTANT!  LILUG Picnic Health guidelines.
> All are welcome, but please be sensible.  Heath risks from sars-cov-2 are
> NOT resolved.  None the less, indefinite closures are not realistic at any
> level.  The LILUG picnic is a chance to catch up and meet in person
> outdoors.  A few guidelines.
> 1. The picnic is strictly voluntary and for entertainment.  If you don't
> feel safe, don't come.
> 2. This your choice to visit a public park, LILUG is not liable.
> 3. Don't come if you know you are sick.  Obviously.
> 4. The virus is still a threat.
>         Please wear a mask.
>         Please practice social distancing whenever possible.
>         Please follow whatever local/state/federal rules apply.
> 5. If you bring ready to eat food for the group, please bring individually
> wrapped food. Soda cans.  Small bags of chips, wrapped cheese, etc.
> 6. Nothing served with shared spoons/utensils please.  Do not consume ice.
> 7. If you bring raw food for the group it will be cooked to at least
> medium well.
> 8. Please bring your own folding chair, seat or blanket.  Only take your
> mask off to eat or drink in your space.
> 9. Please bring a bottle of hand sanitiser or wipes and use them often.
> My strategy is to immediately depart the park for the day if anyone is
> unwilling to follow these guidelines.  It's been my experience people have
> strong feelings about this topic.  LILUG will NOT be mediating any
> conflicts over NPIs.  Have fun storming the castle.
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