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odinson at warcloud.net odinson at warcloud.net
Fri Sep 4 22:20:26 PDT 2020

Hello All

    Since May, we have been having virtual LILUG meetings via Zoom.  I 
would call them a moderate success.  Attendance is decent but lower.  We 
have had some physically relocated members come back to visit each 
meeting which is nice, but there may be an opportunity to try something 

 	Several LILUG members really want to meet in person and are 
planning on meeting in one of the parking lots adjacent/overlooking to the 
Digital Ballpark.  Personally I'm fine with this.  I will not be running 
a zoom meeting this Tuesday at 8pm, because I plan to be there.

 	The Ballpark has (sensibly) opted out of hosting LILUG until the 
end of the year.  I understand and respect their position and hope you 
will do the same.  I do not plan to park in their lot.

 	This is NOT an official meeting because there are so many laws, 
orders, and considerations at Federal, State, County and town levels I 
can't make heads or tails of what that means.  IMO nor can anyone else. 
But be a science person and please don't endanger anyone else with your 
visible and not so visible bodily fluids.

I will 
bring a folding chair,
bring my own coffee or food,
wear a mask,
Keep 6 ft from others,
Not argue with guards/cops/owners if we get kicked out of wherever.

I'm not a cop and nobody's owner, but I'd recommend the same.  More or 
less if I don't see others doing the same, I'll politely excuse myself.

There are a million things that can go wrong.  But it's a new world with 
new rules and we need to figure out how to mesh with them so we can go on 
with life.  This is an experiment, I'll report back and tell you how it 

No matter what you decide to do, possess your own decisions.  DON'T listen 
to me (or anyone else), do what YOU want and own responsibility for it.

Zoom meetings will return next month, for a planned remote talk, so please 
do not feel you are missing out.

Talk to you soon


Matthew Newhall, M.A.Newhall at warcloud.net
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"You can't take away peoples right to be assholes." -- Simon Phoenix,
'Demolition Man'

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