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Also, it's interesting you kind of talked about open source hardware as a
'new' thing

In Feb 2001 "computer graphics" magazine, an ACM publication, this was
written about me in the public policy column:

(Excerpt, which i feel free to quote because it's basically my words)
"Wilkens' initial query was that if software could be considered a form of
speech and hence protected by the United States Constitution from
government control, perhaps a description of a hardware design could also
be considered speech and enjoy the same protection."

In other words, I was kind of saying, open source hardware design "should"
be a thing in 2001.  Of course, 3 months after that was published, i found
myself working on a military base, so ... maybe someone read that.  I wound
up disabled unfortunantely, because when i took that job i couldn't get a
doctor in maryland who was accepting new patients at the time.


Was surprised that the "DEVOPS" talk was less technical and more
'strategic' or 'political'. :-)  I watched more than half of it now.

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On Jun 5, 2017 8:21 PM, "Robert Wilkens" <robwilkens42 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Watched first 10 minutes...
> Made me more cynical about the corporate world :) Just the waterfall model
> being seen that way rather than the way it was taught to us in school.....
> Then i remembered, until Trump forces me off disability (i hear he might)
> i don't have to worry about that.  So I'm holding off watching rest of
> video for now (maybe during daytime i'll watch more).
> I'm hoping i can force myself to show up to next meeting, it won't be easy.
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> On Jun 5, 2017 7:28 PM, "odinson" <odinson at warcloud.net> wrote:
>> Hey Rob
>>         Email me offline with any questions.  odinson at warcloud.net.  I
>> try to spare the list from civgene.   Last LILUG meeting is subject is
>> devops, open source and the complexity horizon.  Some ideas did come from
>> civgene.  Really applied philosophy of it so I talked very little about it
>> directly.
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1S0n5VYIII&t=797s
>> :)
>> Matt
>> On Mon, 5 Jun 2017, Robert Wilkens wrote:
>> I know the president of LILUG is involved in Civgene.
>>> i was watching the YouTube video from  Mar 25
>>> I'm interested in learning more about it, I checked and i seem to have
>>> the
>>> empathy genes.
>>> Is there a separate mailing list or the like?
>>> -Rob
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>> "One of the fantastic things, I always say, is that the digital world is
>> like
>> Galapagos Islands for the understanding of evolutionary psychology.  The
>> little foibles of human behavior that crop up online.   Are very very
>> telling
>> in what the what deeper human mind really cares about.   What it finds
>> attractive, more important what it finds repellent.  The system one brain
>> (Earlier quote "primarily the subconscious") is more about the avoidance
>> of catastrophe than the attainment of perfection."  --Rory Sutherland
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