[Lilug] LILUG Meeting Tuesday Web 3.0, gmail troubles, giveaways!

odinson odinson at warcloud.net
Fri Oct 6 22:41:43 PDT 2017

Hi all

 	Gmail troubles

 	We've had complaints about people not seeing their LILUG reminder 
emails.  After some testing is seems gmail is both now marking LILUG list 
messages as 'spam' in gmail's system.  To correct, please locate it in 
your spam mailbox on gmail and click the  'x' on the spam box.  It's not 
clear that this whitelists LILUG and is a permanent fix.   We'll have to 
revisit that.  Please let LILUGers who use gmail know.  We'll take more 
formal action if necessary once we know exactly what is happening.

 	Next meeting

 	Next Tuesday 10/10 is the next LILUG meeting.  I will be speaking 
about web 3.0, the future of the web.  A reminder will go out the day 

 	Starting next month I will not be sending an email reminder.  Set your 
calendars.  Now.  Really don't wait.  We always meet the second Tuesday 
at 8pm.


 	There will be a raffle for a brand new 2.5" ssd hard drive at the 
next LILUG meeting.  All you have to do is show up, want a new ssd drive, 
and enter the raffle!  :)  LILUG will be raffling off ssdrives for the 
remaining meetings of 2017!

 	Membership challenge.

 	We also have a growing pile of tech swag for our membership 
challenge.  The pile includes a USB stick and hard drive to USB connector. 
The whole pile goes to the first person to bring 3 people new to LILUG to 
a single LILUG meeting.  In the event of a tie the winners will be entered 
into a raffle for the pile.

Please help us promote LILUG any way you can.  See you Tuesday.


Matthew Newhall, M.A.Newhall at warcloud.net
A.S. in Computer Science, SUNY Farmingdale
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 	-- Confucius

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