[Lilug] LILUG meeting this Tuesday 2/12: Topic Legal review of forensics and compliance.

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In advance, I'd like to ask a question related to topic in the event that it comes up.  In an era where -- for example -- usb and bluetooth 'mouse and keyboards' with their own upgradable firmware are standard (heck, my monitor plugs into USB as well), and they could 'potentially' have their own -- I don't know - cellular connection like a cheap kindle, can we ever truly be sure anything is secure online?  I mean, for example, can you confirm a person actually typed something or that what they typed wasn't changed between the keyboard and the computer?

Again, I have every reason to believe, at minimum, I have been doxed in the past, and I also have reason to believe, I don't know, that this is the least of my concerns in this day and age.  Seriously, I think we can agree that hive mind may be a thing, I mean it is in a lot of 'popular music' which makes it mainstream.  Also, we all know about deep fake AI which can edit videos in ways that look genuine -- so does video evidence show anything today?

So, is the topic then -- how to decide when/where and what we can 'disclose that we know'?

Also, if we claim to have freedom of speech, how do you force someone to maintain privacy?

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   Tuesday 2/12 is the monthly LILUG meeting at 8pm.  As usual we meet at
the Digital Ballpark.  We have a guest speaker, Alex D'Amico esq of
MORRISON MAHONEY LLP, to discuss practical cybersecurity and data privacy

    There are conflicting reports of inclement weather.  We'll wait until
Tuesday at 3pm to decide if the meeting should be held.  Should be obvious
by then.  Please check your LILUG mailing list email after 3pm for
cancellations, before departing.

See you there

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