[Lilug] Real open source advocates want web 2.5

Robert Wilkens rob.wilkens at ieee.org
Sun Aug 19 18:09:59 PDT 2018

Speaking as someone who did come up with some original ideas (a facebook
friend of mine who is a professor at Carnegie Mellon told me he tells his
students he knew the person who created one of the first web-based video
games, referring to me, as he points out: i created a tetris clone in an
afternoon while teaching myself Java around 1995-1996 (my senior year)--
I'm not guaranteeing my friend is accurate).... I have no idea what web 2.5
"needs", what features are lacking, what are people complaining about it
needing, what would improve it?  I'm personally not 100% convinced the
version of html that added stuff like <paragraph> <content> and other
meaningless tags adds much of value other than making it easier for ad
removers and other services to steal your contents dynamically...

BTW.. It's funny how over the years eventually java support went away, i
understand this was because "mobile didn't support it" but that was a
little short sighted because mobile got better over the years (faster,
sharper, and more storage - you can now buy a mobile with 1TB).

Put another way -- Perhaps, I don't know, the web isn't that interesting
anymore....  Computers aren't even all that interesting (that includes cell
phones), they are just "communication tools" for many people (I know, with
math and other sciences, they can be used for much more like a fancy
calculator - oh computation that's where computer comes from :->)..  I
remember a long time ago linux torvalds was quoted saying somthing about
how kernel work was about to get very boring...  I believe his point was
once it was stable, functional, and did what it was supposed to do, "meh" -
what else does it need to do but occasional maintenance and tune-ups.   I
think this true (somewhat) beyond the kernel (for that statement that linus
had made).


On Sat, Aug 18, 2018, 4:20 AM odinson <odinson at warcloud.net> wrote:

> Hi All
>         I hope it was a good meeting this month.  Sorry I couldn't be
> there.  I'm on walkabout.  I have a thought I want to share.
> I've been and open source advocate since the 90s.  I have a complaint with
> open source 'advocates'
> Today, they are companies, who's primary strength is organization, not
> disruption.  Big organizations are good at solving problems, but not
> re-framing them.
> That's what open source did.  Reframed communication.
> This has happened before.
> Web 1.0 was a a conglomerations of standards.  Standards painstakingly
> created to solve existing problems, not to reframe things.
> Then opensource drove web 1.5 which reframed the problem.  Metadata
> management tools like non-standard NAT and load balancing created ways to
> scale web 1.0's strength.  Data transfer couldn't scale without metadata
> reorganization.
> The walled garden of web 2.0 uses open source software to cultivate
> metadata.  It solves a known problem for companies, and it solves it only
> for those companies.  Gardens are not shared, even with the users that
> grow them.
> Real open source advocates, not just the hourly wage slaves, can see
> clearly what to do here.  Build user tools to not only cultivate their own
> metadata at the client, but to share it with others.  High confidence
> metadata networks without walls.  Scale the gardens.
> OS advocates with the stones and talent can do this.  Only horizontal
> thinkers can build web 2.5.  Without it open source is not worth
> advocating.  Time to reframe things and then they will naturally scale.
> I'm incommunicado for sometime and don't intend to respond, but I'll read
> your responses as I can.
> Matt
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