[Lilug] Real open source advocates want web 2.5

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Sun Aug 19 18:47:54 PDT 2018

On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 2:17 AM odinson <odinson at warcloud.net> wrote:

> Real open source advocates, not just the hourly wage slaves, can see
> clearly what to do here.  Build user tools to not only cultivate their own
> metadata at the client, but to share it with others.  High confidence
> metadata networks without walls.  Scale the gardens.
> OS advocates with the stones and talent can do this.  Only horizontal
> thinkers can build web 2.5.  Without it open source is not worth
> advocating.  Time to reframe things and then they will naturally scale.

Having just deleted yet another account on a social media platform I have
to admit thinking along very similar lines lately.

I like the idea of diaspora and federation.  I have an account on one node
but I can follow and share with folks on other nodes.  It all seems to work
fairly well but my issues with it (I speak as a user and not one of the
afore-mentioned stone-endowed talented folk) but the setup of a node is
fairly complicated and currently has a lot of dependencies.  Also, the
"federation" model has a downside - what you post is immediately shared out
to federated nodes so there is no edit facility - think twitter - if you
discover a mistake after posting you have to delete and resubmit a new
post.  Other than that, diaspora seems to work fairly well.

We could always just go back to web-rings.  I miss those.

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